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WpJobster coders who Speak Your Language

If you are thinking about or have already settled on WpJobster as then you are well on your way to marketplace dominance. WPjobtser is pack with all the right features to get you out the gate with a flying start. And we are more than happy to be your partner in this journey.

What we do

Customized Execution

Our team understand the importance of execution and what it means to get things right the first time around. We know exactly what it takes to deliver on time and on budget.

We save You Money

Having someone on your team with in-depth knowledge of wpjobster means one thing. We can get your customtizations done with massive savings.

Efficient Coding

Our developers know where every code snippet is located from classes to functions – which means less time is spent researching

When you need it


Form tweaking job forms to adding new functions, we are more than confident we can handle all changes you require

New designs and theme changes

If you require a unique look and feel for your marketplace, we also have done dozens of full theme overhaul and complete rebranding .

Workflow Change

We understand your marketplace is unique and may require process changes.  We can be your partner in all your change request.

How we work

Once we decide to take on your work we can help you achieve your goals in a number of ways

One-Off Projects

One-Off Projects

We are more that happy to take help you achieve your goals for one off customizations. In all truth, sometimes this is all you need to get your wpjobster marketplace ready to go live.

Bigger Projects

Bigger projects

Where ongoing changes are needed, we can separate your deliverarbles into a series of sprints or task. Each task will be given a deadline in which we can complete them

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support

Code changes are development work are seldom final. As you grow, you will more than likely require new features or process tweaks once your customer feedback comes in. 

We only hire the best

We searched far and wide to bring together this qualified group with a blended set of unique talents. And because we know that people who are passionate produce quality work, we made sure everyone from our project manager to our coders are not just good at what they do, but love doing it.

Lynn Morancie

Lynn Morancie

We out did ourselves and found a  Project Manager with super powers.  My Quote: “Great organisation is the power behind all creative ideas”

Mark Lock

Mark Lock

Lead Developer –  My Quote: “Don’t run in circles if your can get there in a straight line” Favorite Activity – Writing code and either preparing or eating a curry dish

The Design Guy

The Design Guy

Worst Dream Ever: Kanye West became president and everyone had to wear plaid and pastel to work. Jean Laurent is our Chief Designer – as you can tell, he is a little OCD when it comes to design.

Darren James

Darren James

Our resident digital and branding expert. Darren has spent many years in the digital industry and now focus his talents on getting marketplaces like yours  off the ground

Our Work

The work we do for our clients ranges from bespoke plugins to database changes which involves back-end work many of which just cannot be showcased.

For work that involved full theme development and branding, unfortunately we do not have permission to advertise our clients here. That being said, please contact us so we can provide you with some live examples.

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Happy Clients
jobster customizations

Need Jobster Customized?

Contact us to see a sample of our work  our to talk to us about any change you require.

Let us help you get your marketplace to the next level

No matter how small or large your requirements are, we urge you to get in-touch as  we are always on the lookout to help people like you achieve your goals. We take your business as serious as you do and strongly believe your success is our success

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