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We do supply hacking

All new marketplaces at start-up suffer the same fate commonly known as the chicken and egg paradox. How do you attract buyers if you don’t have sellers and of course, how do you achieve the opposite?

This is a common problem faced by new marketplaces and why we decided to go beyond just the coding and help many people like you achieve success

Need help driving your marketplace forward?

We can assist you in laying fertile ground so that your marketplace can grow with the right users.

Onboard the right people is exactly what we are good at and have a proven track record in doing so.

In order to grow your marketplace, you are going to need suppliers. Suppliers are the people who bring expertise to your marketplace.  When it comes to recruitment, they are the first group you should be concerned with.

If you are struggling to onboard the ‘knowledge sharers’ that you need to drive your company forward, we can help you at this critical point in your evolution.

Expert Recruitment

Recruit – Our research and recruitment campaign is second most requested service after code or branding changes. It’s all about getting your marketplace off the ground by finding and recruiting the difference makers in your industry and getting them using your site.

We do this by getting all doing all the leg work for you. This involves a full outreach and acquire strategy that involves researching and finding the top influencers  in your industry and get them unto your platform.

Go Viral

Next up Social –  Social media doesn’t have to be hard. If you have been wondering how to make social work for you then we can also help you out.

Our team has over 17 years combined of digital marketing know how and we have been helping marketplaces like yours build up a sizable following in a short period of time.

To move forward, you need to create a buzz  and we know exactly how to do that. From building up your twitter followers to getting your first 1000 likes Facebook,  we can be your partner throughout.

Organic Search

Search engines –  Getting found by people looking for the services offered on your marketplace is also a critical component to growth.  A good result in the search engines ensures not just random traffic but plenty of targeted visitors who are looking to buy the services offered on your marketplace.

It the therefore important that your website and critical pages are optimized for search.

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